Program and Concept Created By: Jim Muehlhausen CPA, JD

Jim Muehlhausen has created a very detailed system about how small business owners can avoid selling their businesses and create 44% more recurring income for themselves and their families by Phasing Out of their business Day-to-Day Operations and playing the role of the owner and not the operator of their business.  This Roadmap tells you exactly the steps to get there.

Moonshot Local Provides the Vehicle to bring in that extra business that allows you to massively grow so that you can hire others to slowly take over your operational role, and allow you to be entrepreneur and assume the business owner role.   It allows you to phase into retirement.  Step 1 is get the Moonshot Growth Package, and Step 2 is to follow the Roadmap to then get you there.

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Enjoy this overview of their system below.  Then go get the Moonshot Growth plan and follow the blueprint.

Below you will find Jim’s and documentation what we copied for this article because it fits in so well with many of our customers true desires.  Who Really wants to sell their business.  No One – is the answer,  what you really want is your business on your terms.  So follow  their steps and Step 1 is to get onto the Growth or Accelerate Plans today.   And while we grow your busines you begin taking control of your life by following their plan.

What is Half-Retirement™?

Many business owners feel  the only way to monetize their decades of hard work building their businesses is to sell them. For some, selling the business may be the best way to create wealth, but for others, selling an income-producing asset for less than it’s worth is a bad idea.

If you had an asset that paid a 33% annual return, would you sell it? Probably not-, but if you sell your business, that’s what you are doing. Most businesses sell for about three times annual earnings. You might be a much better investor than me, but that’s a tough return to get in the stock market.

So why would any business owner sell a 33% return asset only to switch it to a 5% return asset? Frustration! Stocks and bonds do not require putting up with the headaches of owning a business, so owners take a lousy deal like it’s an aspirin.

There is another way – Half-Retirement.

We define Half-Retirement as working two half-days a week doing only the work you enjoy, offloading the work you don’t enjoy, and keeping your income in perpetuity. It takes some effort  to get from where you are today to Half-Retired, but ask yourself, “If I  could work only two half-days a week, would I sell the business?”  If the answer is “no,” then consider Half-Retirement.

In order to Half-Retire, you will need to change the way your business is run. If you are like most business owners, you are a vital cog in the gears that run the business. You will need to slowly remove the businesses’ dependence upon your “work” and shift it to dependence upon your wisdom and expertise. This shift will require:

  • A shift in your mindset from working-owner to equity-owner
  • A shift from an owner-centric business to an employee-centric business
  • A shift from people-based systems to operational systems
  • A bullet-proof daily methodology to protect your money
  • Your willingness to find enjoyment outside your business

How to Half-Retire

Half-Retirement isn’t easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Imagine doing only the work you enjoy, ditching the work you hate, keeping your income, and keeping the business asset. Pulling off Half-Retirement can dramatically alter your financial future.  

(source is listed in references at the end)

Business Owners Tell Us…

  1. Business may not be worth enough to retire (value
  2. gap)
  3. Even if cash out, what will I invest in?
  4. Don’t know what I will do with myself if I retire
  5. Still like the work
  6. What happens to my employees?

Traditional Solutions

  • Close the value gap (like you haven’t been trying)
  • Get what you can & trust the stock market
  • Learn to golf
  • Don’t worry about your people

Creative Alternative

  • Don’t sell, ½ retire

How it works

Create a business that allows…

  • Work half of a day every other day
  • Do only the work you enjoy
  • Maintain your current income in perpetuity
  • Keep the business asset

Working income to equity income

Business owners earn money by:

  • High-variety grunt work that’s hard to delegate
  • Serving as the key manager
  • Doing high-value entrepreneurial work
  • Earning a return on their invested capital


Don’t Sell Your Business, Half-Retire: the course will help you to generate Income without tensions. You will feel free to work. Your headache will become completely invisible. Just with eight simple steps your business will help you to earn huge money. You don’t have to sell your business. No longer need to feel depressed just chill and earn. People who are unhappy with their business and want to remove stress will get help. Besides the best part is that your business will change from boring thing to fun. Similarly, the course will provide ways so that you may continue to enjoy your business. Moreover one can actually acquire skills to maintain or raise his current income levels. Business Owners as well as CEO’s can seek and retain lot of tips to make their business journey better.

The term and complete program ‘Half Retirement’ will become more clear to you. Business is like a game which is not only played with intelligence but also with patience. Learn about various tips that will once again make your business plans and actions live. Your active approach and positive attitude will surely develop a stable source of income. Generally people give up and loose confidence when theirs business are no more flourishing. But there is always a scope you can still work hard with smartness. Instead of selling your business practice ‘Half Retirement ‘. A new vision can save your ownership. Business will run smoothly without stress. People who dreams to run their business with success will be able learn a lot. Just ‘half retire’ and with less involvement earn money with cool mind. Likewise this course will share the blueprint and teach ‘Half Retirement’.

Created By:- Jim Muehlhausen CPA, JD