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He has a totally Free Class on Udemy.com and you can see the entire class right now.  So we all know this is possible, but we need to get your business so busy that you can implement his strategies.  This is a system that can be done by everyone but he leaves out the part on how to get your business to capacity plus overload so that you can easily implement these systems.

Hi Advanced class also includes

Business Model Boot Camp

You will learn:

  • How to analyze your existing business model
  • Use the 87 Business Model Innovations to carve out additional profits
  • Use the Top 5 List of Best Practices to improve your model
  • Create an action plan for implementation

Sales Virtualization: Increase Sales with Fewer Salespeople

You will learn:

  • How to use the Solomon’s Sales System to leverage the strengths of your team and eliminate weaknesses
  • How to virtualize portions of your sales process that will reduce cost and increase sales
  • To better align your sales process with the buyer’s journey

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Jim’s Website also offers the program and offers this additional information.

We are not affiliated with Jim, but he has systemized a concept that almost all business owners struggle with, and because we play the additional role in enabling this to happen by expanding and growing your business to the point where this is all totally feasible and attainable,  we just believe this is a 1-2 punch…  He has the roadmap to get you there and we have the systems to take you down that road with enough business and enough growth to make this all happen.

Below is additional information from his website.

Overview of the Half-Retire System

Many business owners feel the only way to monetize their decades of hard work building their businesses is to sell them. For some, selling the business may be the best way to create wealth, but for others, selling an income-producing asset for less than it’s worth is a bad idea.

If you had an asset that paid a 33% annual return, would you sell it? Probably not-, but if you sell your business, that’s what you are doing. Most businesses sell for about three times annual earnings. You might be a much better investor than me, but that’s a tough return to get in the stock market.

So why would any business owner sell a 33% return asset only to switch it to a 5% return asset? Frustration! Stocks and bonds do not require putting up with the headaches of owning a business, so owners take a lousy deal like it’s an aspirin.

There is another way – Half-Retirement

We define Half-Retirement as working two half-days a week doing only the work you enjoy, offloading the work you don’t enjoy, and keeping your income in perpetuity. It takes some effort to get from where you are today to Half-Retired, but ask yourself, “If I could work only two half-days a week, would I sell the business?” If the answer is “no,” then consider Half-Retirement.

In order to Half-Retire, you will need to change the way your business is run. If you are like most business owners, you are a vital cog in the gears that run the business. You will need to slowly remove the businesses’ dependence upon your “work” and shift it to dependence upon your wisdom and expertise. This shift will require:

A shift in your mindset from working-owner to equity-owner

A shift from an owner-centric business to an employee-centric business

A shift from people-based systems to operational systems

A bullet-proof daily methodology to protect your money

Your willingness to find enjoyment outside your business

How to Half-Retire 

Half-Retirement isn’t easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Imagine doing only the work you enjoy, ditching the work you hate, keeping your income, and keeping the business asset. Pulling off Half-Retirement can dramatically alter your financial future. See the math for yourself.

We have created several resources to help you on your journey to Half-Retirement. You can find them at the links below.

Moonshot Business Acceleration Plans all take you down the road to financial security and more quality time by filling in the additional traffic and the additional Business that it takes  to get you to the hybrid system where you only need to work part time.  Step 1 is actually –  Immediately get the Growth Plan started and if you need more we can later up your plan.  But of course you need to start now.

Until today no one could really figure out a step by step system to take you down the road to this end.  Now you not only have a system to follow to get you there, you also have the exact enabler to kick you into gear and enable you to do it.  And as always, procrastination gets you no where.  Only Action takes make their dreams happen.

More FAQS from the Half-Retire System

Source for much of this is referenced at the end.  They Key Continues to be that They provide the Roadmap, and we provide the Vehicle, so while you are studying the Blueprint to get started immediately with the Growth Plan.

Why consider half-retirement?

I can never sell the business for enough to retire

You are not alone! Many business owners have plenty of income, but worry about the returns of the stock market or simply don’t want to settle for three-times earnings when they sell.

If I didn’t own the place, I’d quit

That quote is from a client. Over time, business owners take on more and more tasks until they feel like they are being drawn and quartered. Every aspect of the business depends upon you and sometimes it just gets to be too much. If you are like other business owners, there are days you feel like throwing your hands in the air and saying, “I quit, you guys figure this out.”

What happens to my employees if I sell?

Will the new owner keep your employees?  Maybe, maybe not. We have seen plenty of businesses sell where all the employees are retained. We have also seen many where virtually none are retained. A client with a coffee service had fifty employees when he sold to a nationwide competitor. He lobbied hard for his best people to be retained. The result – the new owner, kept one employee, the woman that answered the phone.

It’s not the buyer’s job to keep your favorite people employed. When they buy the business, it’s theirs. They purchase the right to make the decisions. It’s that simple.  You are selling your “say” in how the business is run.

I would be bored in retirement

We hear this a lot. I like to golf, but not four days a week. I like to travel but not non-stop. Business owners like business. Many get bored after a year or two and start another business just to get out of the house.

Truth be told, a common quote we hear is, “My spouse told me to get a job if I wanted to stay married.” Who would think that a leading cause of divorce was selling your business?

If I could keep my business income but not have all the stress, that wo8udl be great

You can. It’s not easy but people do it every day. There is a system and a process to get there.

If I keep going like this, Im going to die with this business

This is a little depressing but we see it often. Business owners that cannot afford to sell their business but do not take dramatic action to Half-Retire or exit. They keep showing up for work today, doing the same things they did yesterday. Eventually, all those days add up to years and they wake up 80-years old, exhausted, and with an unsellable business.

I enjoy some of my work, but I don’t enjoy working as much anymore

Owning a business can become a grind. Imagine what it would feel like if you showed up for work and ONLY did the work you like?

It might sound impossible, but it’s not entrepreneurs in the Half-Retire® program are doing it! They followed the process and put in the work. Now they are reaping the rewards.

It shouldn’t be so hard

You are right; it shouldn’t. There are dozens of reasons it may be too hard: a weakening business model, weak team members, poor systems, and perhaps a bad mindset that are holding your company back. It’s only hard because you are tolerating it being hard. Commit to changing the things you don’t like instead of complaining about them. If it’s not fixable, then sell the business so someone else for whatever they will give you. After all, selling a business with nothing but problems is a lousy deal for the buyer no matter what the price.

I have to work HARD for my money

If you owned stock in a public company, it pays you for your investment. Too many business owners are paid for their WORK and not their equity in the enterprise. You need to shift from hard-earned income to equity income. Your return on your investment should be the bulk of your money, not for your daily toils.

Profits aren’t stable

Imagine if your business income was as predictable as a utility? You could sell it for much more…and maybe you would not want to?  Why tolerate the stress and instability of not knowing where your next deal will come from?

There has to be a better way

If you are asking yourself this question, you already know the answer. There is a better way. At the highest level, the answer is “ANYTHING that is radically different than what you have been doing.” We see business owners want to adjust things slightly because it’s painless.  You have been adjusting things for years. Adjustment time is over. It’s overhaul time.

Complete Modifiable What-If Breakdowns Provided

Rounded Rectangular Callout: This 88.75% is a massive number and demands your attention

These guys provide you with a speadsheet that allows you to customize your plan and allow you to play out many what-if scenarios.  Just remember that Moonshot Local is your partner to help bring in the customers that allow this all to happen.

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Editorial Reviews from the Web (see references below)



“You have worked hard for many years to build your business, it’s successful but it’s just not fun anymore. How do you stop doing the things you don’t enjoy, focus on the things you love, and reduce the amount of time you spend on your business without sacrificing your income and all the value that you have created? The answer is: read this book. Jim’s six-step system outlines exactly what you need to do to get your life back and keep your business.” — John Spence, one of the top business and leadership experts in the world

“Every business owner should consider Half-Retirement if they want to get full value for all their hard work.” — Wayne Breitbarth, Author of the bestseller The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success

“Many business owners want to stay involved and active but can’t find a way to extricate themselves from day-to-day office demands. Half-Retire shows you how to transform your mindset, keep your relationships and your income, and work on your own terms.” — Bill Schley, Worldwide Marketing Expert, Author of The Micro-Script Rules

“I’ve worked in the exit community for decades and have seen business owners struggle to sell their business for enough to retire comfortably. Half-Retirement is a great solution to help business owners enjoy life and increase wealth.” — Bill Black, Host of Exit Coach Radio

“For those of us who’ve kept our noses to the grindstone for years, but are still not quite ready to climb into that rocking chair, ‘half-retiring’ sounds good. Join me in learning the strategies and techniques Jim Muehlhausen writes about in this timely book.” — Phillip Van Hooser, Author of Leaders Ought To Know: 11 Ground Rules for Common Sense Leadership



About the Author

Like most entrepreneurs, Jim Muehlhausen has done a little bit of everything–ranging from CPA, franchisee, attorney, business owner, consultant, franchisor, public speaker, university professor, and book author.

While still attending the Indiana University Maurer School of Law, he became the youngest franchisee in Meineke Discount Muffler history (1987-1991). After successfully selling that business, Jim founded an automotive aftermarket manufacturing concern. During his nine-year tenure with that business, the company achieved recognition from Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School and Inc. magazine in the IC 100 Fastest-Growing Businesses.

About twenty years ago, he found his true passion, serving as a consultant, business coach, and advisor to hundreds of businesses. He has conducted 10,000+ one-on-one consulting sessions with business owners around the globe. He has written three well-regarded books, The 51 Fatal Business Errors and How to Avoid Them, and Business Models for Dummies, Half-Retire: Keep Your Business, Ditch the Stress, and has contributed to publications such as Inc., The Small Business Report, Entrepreneur, BusinessWeek, and various business journals.

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